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I had so much fun being a college radio DJ that I just couldn't quit! I hosted a psych rock show during my senior year, and I really made the most of it: I set up interviews with local artists, and I even had an Allston funk band come in for an in-studio performance that was covered by the campus newspaper.
After graduation, I decided it was time to rebrand the show into something a bit catchier, with a greater focus on Boston's local rock scene. That's how FUZZED OUT BOSTON was born! Since then, I've been having a blast discovering local artists and getting to interact with the community. 

(FUZZED OUT BOSTON playlists are also available on Spotify)

Check the show out on Instagram and Spinitron, and see below for a list of recent guests.
7/11/19: Buff Jesus
7/18/19Grant Bloom
7/25/19Brother Toaster
8/8/19: Coral Moons
8/15/19Rye Pines
8/29/19The Endorphins

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