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One of my first projects as Editor-in-Chief of The New England Classic was redesigning its website. We had a 2014 Wordpress site that served us well for many years, but by summer 2018 it was starting to show its age. I devoted a lot of time to customizing the look, feel, and capabilities of the new site, and I've also designed many of its individual webpages. 
Additionally, I oversaw the extensive article transfer process, which saw my five fellow editors and I manually transfer over 200 of our best articles from the old site to the new one. It all looks pretty spiffy now, and I'm proud to have left The Classic with a new site that can be used for years to come.

Fall 2016 (Vol. 10)
Fall 2017 (Vol. 11)
Fall 2018 (Vol. 12)
In addition to posting 4-5 articles online per week, The Classic holds true to its print-only roots by publishing a physical four-page print issue at the end of each semester. I had an active role in print production each semester since I was a sophomore, and over the years I worked on every aspect of the process: writing, editing, layout, copyediting, and graphic design. 
Each of these issues was a collaborative labor of love for our many writers and editors, and it was so much fun to loudly distribute the newspaper in the campus libraries while students were studying for final exams. A full archive of New England Classic print issues is available on the NEC website.

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