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The New England Classic is the independent satirical newspaper at Boston College. I joined during my freshman year, at a time when its staff was a loose, online collective of writers and pranksters.

We grew each year as a campus media outlet, but also as a meaningful student organization. By my senior year, I was running weekly meetings for a close-knit staff of BC's best writers and pranksters!
• Wrote, edited, and published NEC content; oversaw a five-person editorial team
• Led weekly pitch meetings and maintained a brainstorm groupchat with 25 writers
• Managed the paper's website and social media; oversaw a massive site relaunch
• Oversaw production of a free newspaper distributed to BC students twice a year

Fall 2016 (Vol. 10)
Fall 2016 (Vol. 10)
Fall 2017 (Vol. 11)
Fall 2017 (Vol. 11)
Fall 2018 (Vol. 12)
Fall 2018 (Vol. 12)
I had an active role in producing our four-page print issue every semester since my sophomore year. Over the years, I worked on every aspect of the process: writing, editing, layout, graphic design, promotion, and distribution around campus! A full archive of NEC print issues is available online. 
Not satisfied by the written word alone, I produced, edited, filmed, and appeared in various videos published by The Classic over the years. Sketch comedy, promo videos, news satire, you name it!
More coming... eventually!

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