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I started interning at Cambridge Community Television in October 2019, originally as a News Intern. After writing a handful of articles for the CCTV News program, I leveled up into a Production Intern.
In April 2020, I was recognized as one of CCTV's Interns of the Year!
Coming Up Next!
Working alongside CCTV's Media Production Educator Peter LevineI host and produce a monthly short-form series called Coming Up Next on CCTV! We aim to highlight CCTV's exciting resources, staff members, and upcoming courses. Then we toss in a dash of strange humor for extra flavor!
Folked Up
Folked Up on CCTV
 is a monthly folk music showcase and gameshow hosted by Callum MacKenzie. I've directed every episode since October 2019 using a Broadcast Pix digital switcher. It's a good time!
Other Stuff
I make various other videos at CCTV, both as part of my internship and as personal projects. Check it!

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