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I co-produce and edit Quarantine Cafe, a social distancing-compliant concert series. Show episodes are approximately a half hour in length, and a new one airs on Facebook every weekday at noon.
Callum MacKenzie, who co-produces and hosts the show, approached me with its general concept at the start of Boston's initial COVID-19 shutdown in mid-March. We had worked together previously on Folked Up on CCTV, Callum's monthly folk music showcase that I began directing in October 2019.

During its first week, the show originally aired at 9 AM.
This taught us that 9 was a bit too early for most people.

Our first episode aired on March 30, 2020, and we haven't missed a weekday yet. I edit five videos a week and manage the show's Facebook page and YouTube channel. I also work with Callum to book new acts and coordinate with the public access TV networks that distribute our show.
Currently, Quarantine Cafe airs on six public access TV networks around the state of Massachusetts: ​​​​​​​Arlington Community Media, Belmont Media Center, Cambridge Community TelevisionIpswich Community Access Media, Malden Access TV, and Somerville Community Access TV. We're always working on expanding our public access distribution network, so hopefully this list continues growing!

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