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During my last semester of college, I spent two days a week interning with the Antiques Roadshow Digital team. Working at WGBH alongside a team of top-notch producers taught me so much, and now I can say my name appeared in the credits of PBS's most-watched ongoing series!
What I did as a  
Digital Intern:  
• Logged video files/metadata for Season 23 across the WGBH & PBS databases
• Assisted with S24 prep; attended production meetings and episode screenings
• Generated hundreds of closed caption files and filed YouTube copyright claims
• Wrote and formatted two articles for the Roadshow website (see below)

Although my internship ended that May, I also spent most of the summer working as a door-to-door canvasser for WGBH and NHPBS. I personally raised over $3,000 in contributions to these stations!

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