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I created and co-wrote an interactive story/adventure game called DazQuest! In it, players take on the role of Boston College's now-former head football coach Steve Addazio and go on an epic adventure.
Yes, really: 
• An original 8,000+ word script, featuring player choice and branching paths
• 8 pieces of original artwork, 3 mini-games, and a custom Addazio soundboard
• Received campus press coverage from The Heights (in print) & The Gavel (online)
DazQuest.com registered over 1,500 hits in game's first two weeks of free release
Main Menu
Main Menu
Core Gameplay
Core Gameplay
'Daz Soundboard
'Daz Soundboard

I first had the idea to make a game starring Coach Addazio while I was studying abroad in Israel in early 2018. With a lot of time on my hands, I began messing around with Twine, an open-source storytelling program. Upon returning to Boston that summer, I worked with my friends Luke and Peter to finish the script and turn my rough prototype into a fully realized, immersive Addazio experience.

(This launch trailer received over 2,500 total views)

We released the game in October 2018 to rave reviews, but I’m not sure if 'Daz himself has ever learned of its existence. This was my first time working on a project of this scale, and I’m proud that my team and I were able to turn a goofy idea into an even goofier game​​​​​!
NOTE: DazQuest was released under the New England Classic brand. In the spirit of that raunchy newspaper, this game features some crude language and mature themes.
(Title screen by Derek Gieraltowski, "The End" illustration by Sam Xu)

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