Quarantine Cafe
TV show  Co-produced and edited by me Click for Full Playlist

I created this Facebook Live/public access TV show with my friend Callum MacKenzie.
We launched on March 30th, 2020, and we haven't missed a weekday yet!

Coming Up Next on CCTV!
Monthly update video  Hosted and co-produced by me Click for Full Playlist

I host and produce this monthly series for Cambridge Community Television
with the help of my internship manager Peter Levine!

Folked Up on CCTV
Monthly folk music show  Directed by me Click for Full Playlist

I direct three camera operators and use a Broadcast Pix video switcher for Folked Up.
I've been directing the show for CCTV every month since October 2019!

Cambridge Organization Profile: Central Square BID
Non-profit profile  Co-produced and edited by me Released 2/21/20

This was the final production for CCTV's "Community Video Profiles" class.
I interviewed Michael, shot b-roll, and edited together the final video!

Live session series  Produced and edited by me Released 1/15/20
I launched this live session / video art series in 2020 with the help of local jangle rocker Brother Toaster.
We filmed in front of a green screen, and the backgrounds were created using a program called Lumen.
Cambridge Artist Profile: Bao Song
Artist profile video  Co-produced by me Released 1/6/20

This was one of the productions for CCTV's "Community Video Profiles" class.
I mainly did camerawork for this shoot but also helped out with audio and lighting.

2019 Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon Coverage
Annual fundraising event  Filmed by me August 20-21, 2019

I operated a three-camera video switcher and shot B-roll for the 2019 radio-telethon.
For more information, check out my WEEI Livestreaming project page.

Dorm Hunters: Boston College
Sketch comedy video  Produced and edited by me Released 3/21/19

This was the midterm project for my senior year Digital Media Field Production course.
It was fun taking some jabs at the BC housing selection process, which is notoriously stressful!

Ferris Bueller's On Line Two
Movie scene remake 
Edited by me  Released 12/5/18

I also acted in this video, which was the final project for my senior year Studio TV Production course. The entire class worked to recreate the scene, which we shot over the course of two nights. And yes, mustache.

The Wrap
News satire show  Produced by me  Released Fall 2018 & Spring 2019

I taught what I was learning in my Studio TV Production class to my team of New England Classic writers.
 Together, we were able to produce a
six episode series that was our take on SNL's "Weekend Update." 

FableFolk: International Dot Day
Company promotional video  Produced and edited by me  Released 9/10/18​​​​​​​

I pitched, filmed, and produced this video as part of my marketing internship at FableVision Studios. It was shared on FableVision's social media accounts in order to promote the 10th annual International Dot Day!

Escape the Tip O'Neill Room!
Sketch comedy video Produced and edited by me  Released 12/7/18

I dreamt up this very weird NEC promo sketch. We wanted to highlight the Tip O'Neill exhibit
in Boston College's O'Neill Library, which is one of the best kept secrets on campus.

NECTalks: Ideas Worth Ruining
TED Talk parody series  Produced by me  Released April 2018

While studying abroad, I came up with the idea of creating parody TED Talks to coincide with the new TEDxBoston College event. I then created the animated intro while my friends at home started writing scripts. Six total Talks were filmed (this was the only one I edited), and we performed them live in 2019!

Finding Fr. Leahy
Satirical news investigation Produced and edited by me  Released 12/6/17

I wrote and starred in this video, which was the final project for the "Fake News" journalism course that I took my junior year. People don't believe me when I tell them that none of the interviews were staged.

Welcome to Boston College
Campus tour parody
  Produced by me  Released 9/17/17

I [poorly] filmed and produced this NEC-style campus tour in August 2017. It took a lot of coordinating on my end to set up a summer shoot, but it was definitely worth it: this is now the most viewed NEC video ever!

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