Satirical Newspaper (Fall ’17)

The New England Classic is one of the nation’s most active college satirical newspapers. Starting out as a print-only publication, we’ve since transitioned to distributing articles, lists, quizzes, and videos online and to our 6,500 followers on social media.

However, we stay true to our print media roots by distributing a four page issue around campus for free at the end of each semester. I have had an active role in print production since my sophomore year and oversaw production of the fall 2017 issue. I also wrote the first article on the front page! Click here for a digital copyNOTE: swear words and irreverent, BC-specific humor are included.

Credit must be given to the entire Classic staff for their articles, Photoshops, and silly jokes that make the print issue a reality each semester. Although I took point on putting this issue together, I had plenty of help from my fellow editors Rachel, MaryElizabeth, and Ellen. They’re the best!

I started writing for the Classic my freshman year and am now its editor-in-chief. It’s probably been the most enjoyable thing I’ve done at BC! In addition to writing and editing articles, I create article images in Photoshop, maintain our newly redesigned website, and help run our social media accounts. A full backlog of all of our print issues is available here.