Humor Magazine (Fall ’17)

In the fall of 2017, The New England Classic (Boston College’s satirical newspaper) turned ten years old. In order to celebrate this milestone, my fellow editor MaryElizabeth Mooney came up with the idea of creating a commemorative humor magazine. Working together, we produced a twenty page, full-color magazine, which is by far the most intricate piece of print media that the Classic has ever created. Click here for a digital copy of the magazine.

Over the course of many late nights, MaryElizabeth and I designed the magazine layout and edited all of the writing submissions. Additionally, I wrote a satirical opinion piece (on page 6) and designed the magazine’s front and back covers. This is probably one of the most ambitious and time-consuming projects I have ever tackled, but it was all made worthwhile when we showed the finished magazine to the Classic‘s founders and other alumni at an anniversary gathering in December 2017—they loved it!

None of this would have happened if not for MaryElizabeth’s grand vision and exceptional organizational skills. I’d also like to thank all of the other Classic editors, writers and alumni who contributed to the magazine. Making this magazine was a lot of fun, but for the sake of my own sanity/sleep schedule, I do not anticipate this becoming an annual Classic tradition!