Art Catalogue (Summer ’17)

During the summer of 2017, I designed the art catalogue for New England Sky: Alston Conley as part of my position as a student ambassador at the McMullen Museum of Art. To my knowledge, I am the first student ambassador to design a catalogue for the McMullen, and I’m incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity. Click here for a digital copy of the catalogue.

In order to create the catalogue, I needed to first organize all of the individual images in a master spreadsheet. I sent the document to artist Alston Conley, and together we standardized naming conventions and made sure that all plate information was accurate. I used Photoshop to clean up the images before then creating the catalogue layout in InDesign. For the most part this was a fairly straightforward design, but I was given the freedom to decide which plates would be used for the front and back covers. I also helped with font choice!

More information about the New England Sky exhibition is available on the main McMullen Museum website. A huge thanks to Rachel Chaimberlain, Kate Shugert, John McCoy and the rest of the McMullen staff for their guidance and feedback on this project, as well as to Alston Conley for entrusting the design of his art catalogue to a college student. I hope to design another catalogue for the McMullen in the summer of 2018 if the opportunity presents itself!