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What would a portfolio website be without a few podcasts?! While at Boston College I worked closely with English professor Joe Nugent on a series of podcasting-related courses, projects, and even a podcasting conference. I also used what I learned to produce three multi-part series in my time at BC.

An avid supporter of the Digital Humanities, Prof. Nugent hoped to establish the practice of podcast-based pedagogy at Boston College To this end, he enlisted me and my good pal Peter Zogby to produce an ongoing English department-facing faculty spotlight series called "From the Bookshelf."

(This was an interesting project because it tasked me with interviewing people much smarter than myself.)

Edited and hosted by Peter, my job was to schedule and conduct interviews with professors about their favorite books and current research interests. Additionally, I did the branding and graphic design work for the series and also managed the SoundingsBC.com website, Soundcloud, and RSS feed.

I created and edited "Tracking the Eagle," a three-part interview series for the McMullen Museum of Art's Digital Humanities committee. Tasked with creating a series about the recently restored Boston College eagle statue, I was able to conduct interviews with the Museum's director, one of the Eaglemania exhibition co-curatorsand the sculptor who recast and restored the original statue. 

(I was a co-chair of the McMullen's Digital Humanities Student Committee during my senior year at BC.)

In the summer of 2018, I produced (and occasionally wrote for) a ten-episode scripted comedy series called "Everything We Know So Far." The series was created and hosted by my hilarious friends Ellen Gerst and Shea Rulon, and it was a great way for us to goof off at night after our summer internships.

(Yes, that's the same Peter Zogby from the first series. We BC podcasters run in pretty tight social circles!)

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