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NECTalks is a parody TED Talks series that brings absurd ideas to the Boston College community. I came up with the idea during my junior year, and The New England Classic ultimately produced a seven-video series that generated over 11,000 views on Facebook during the spring of 2018.

(I was studying abroad when the 2018 series was filmed, but I was still able to edit this Talk!)

Coming back for my senior year as the paper's Editor-in-Chief, I really wanted to push the envelope – specifically in terms of what the 30-person organization could do, create, and accomplish! The paper had never really tried doing a live campus performance before, so we set our sights on changing that.
Eventually, we decided to host a night of live NECTalks. My fellow editors and I organized the event, worked with our writers to greenlight and rehearse 11 Talks, and spraypainted three giant styrofoam  letters (two coats each). I also co-hosted the show with my managing editor MaryElizabeth Mooney!

The event's organizers!                                                       The event's performers!

NECTalks 2019 was a lot of work, but it was also a huge success. We didn't technically "sell out" the show, since we didn't sell tickets. We did however run out of seats in the 200-person lecture hall, which you can see more of in the video below. The event also received coverage from the real campus newspaper, and it sounds like NECTalks will be performed live in future years as well.

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