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Datamatch is an annual matchmaking survey that has been run by Harvard University students since 1994. In November of 2018, I received an email from HCS asking if The New England Classic was interested in partnering to bring Datamatch to Boston College. After a brief phone call with their marketing director, I pitched the idea to the other NEC editors and we got to work on drafting a silly and flirty personality survey that would be used to match BC students on Valentine's Day 2019.

The Datamatch 2018 website

Writing the survey was the easy part — from there we still had to introduce Datamatch to our campus. BC's Campus Activity Board already had a well-known Valentine's Day campus matchmaking service, and we were worried that it would be difficult to sell students on some weird new Harvard thing.
To this end, we launched a major marketing campaign across our social media channels. I created a Facebook event that explained the basics of Datamatch and generated over 300 responses. I also spoke to The Gavel (a BC publication) to spread the word. Working with me on all of this was Shea Rulon, the Classic's fearless Marketing Director. She coded all of the survey questions to work with Harvard's algorithm, and also led the charge on our very successful Instagram sign-up campaign.

NOTE: This video contains crude language and mature themes.

The night before Datamatch went live, we released "Datamatch with Me," an NEC comedy short that I co-wrote and produced. By the time the survey closed one week later, over 1,200 BC students had filled it out – over five times the response rate of the official Activities Board survey.
Working with a non-existent budget and lacking the ability to post flyers or ads on campus, my team and I successfully launched Datamatch at BC, and we've since received tons of positive feedback on the survey itself. I hope Datamatch becomes an annual NEC tradition, and I'm glad I got to work on it!

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